Todays Education Reports

Now a days education system...

Todays Education Reports

During the recession, states across the country were forced to make drastic cuts to higher education as they saw their budgets dwindling. A new report compiled by researchers at Illinois State University and the State Higher Education Executive Officers shows that in 2011-2012, state spending on higher education fell by 7.5%, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

However, as the economy begins to bounce back, this trend is slowly reversing. In the fiscal year that began last July 1, states spent only 0.4% less on postsecondary education. Additionally, in the current fiscal year, 30 states increased their budgets for colleges and financial aid.

For this reason, the report highlighted the rebound of spending on higher education with optimism.

How to Write Short Reports About Higher Education

Short reports require a succinct and clear writing style. The main ideas and arguments of the report should be introduced, discussed and concluded in about five solid paragraphs. Higher education involves issues of curriculum, psychology, social stability and many more complex topics. Taking the time to plan your report and to focus on one aspect of higher education will ensure that each short report you write remains strong and effective.

Special Education Book Report Ideas

Being an educator means meeting the specific needs of students. It's no secret that special education students may require an instructor to modify assignments so they can meet certain standards and goals. The term "special education" encompasses a wide range of learning abilities and/or challenges. When it comes to a project like a book report, there are many activities special ed students can do to successfully complete and preserve the goal of the lesson.

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