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How to setup a business in Hong Kong

How to setup a company in Hong Kong - Hong Kong company registration methods: 1. Company title search. Make certain the organization title to become registered can be obtained. 2. To submit the needed files, and spend the money for connected costs. Needed files include: 1) Hong Kong Business Registration Application 2) Memorandum and Articles of Association of Hong Kong Company 3) Within the situation for overseas, must provide copy of passport, overseas living evidence of address, bank investors or company directors of the letter of recommendation 4) When the citizens of Hong Kong, have to submit a duplicate from the investors and company directors 5) If your body corporate, have to submit the initial company's business registration certificate and identity card of attorney. 3. The signing from the document, to become signed through the company directors / investors. 4. The Registrar of Companies will require about 10 business days towards the document check, the problem from the Certificate of Incorporation. 5. To get the next files: 1) Certificate of Incorporation CI 2) The Hong Kong Company RegistrationCertificate the BR 3) Some Incorporation Forms (NC1 file) 4) 18 bits of company's Memorandum and Articles of Association 5) 3 closes from the new company (1 gold seal, 1 small round chapter, 1 signature chapter - bank check seal) 6) One out of-house stock book 7) One meeting record book for legal investor and company directors (eco-friendly and hardcover book) 8) One accountant's testimony (witness by an accounting firm, the financial institution account documents using the seal).


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